Tombs vandalised at Leguan cemetery


Concerns continue to mount by residents of Leguan, Essequibo, as the vandalism and destruction of tombs at cemeteries and burial sites become more prevalent in Guyana. In previous years a number of families and friends have reported such acts occurring at various cemeteries throughout the country. It had been revealed in some cases that items which their loved ones had been buried with were removed and worse yet, bones of the deceased.

These pictures show the most recent case of tombs being vandalise at the Leguan cemetery.

These pictures show the most recent case of tombs being vandalised at the Leguan cemetery.




  1. So if you catch a common cold its APNU’s fault. Ravi your intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds.

  2. It’s a shame to see you are living and no body respect you and most of all you dead and no body respect you the dig you out from the grave and stole what you have on what is the police DEPARTMENT doing as far .I concern no body care about the living or THE dead shame shame shame.

  3. Things are so bad that they are evening robbing the dead. Shameful ! Way to go APNU, looks like even the dead are complaining now…


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