Tomb broken into at Zeelugt Cemetery

The tomb that was broken into

Less than one day after the body of 58-year old Jadgeo Jagdeo of Zeelugt West Coast of Demerara was laid to rest, his coffin was removed from the tomb and several items stolen.

The man was buried on Thursday at the Zeelught Cemetery and the discovery was made earlier this morning.

The dead man’s son, Jai Jagdeo said he received a telephone call indicating that someone had broken into his father’s tomb. The man said he arrived at the scene shortly after and found that the tomb was vandalized and the coffin was removed. His father’s body was still inside.

The tomb that was broken into

However, a watch and two thousand dollars that the man was buried with were taken by the suspects.

The police was called to the scene where statements were taken as investigations continue.

On Wednesday, the tomb 60-year-old Roopnarine Kowlessaw was found vandalized with the man’s body outside and the money that was pinned on his clothing missing.

The man was buried on March 1 at the Number 65 Village Cemetery.

The body was reportedly found lying in front of the tomb and the casket alongside it. Residents in the areas recalled sometime hearing banging sounds and dogs barking.



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