Toddler found dead in trench aback home


An 18-months old baby girl was last evening found dead in trench aback her home at Harlem, West Coast Demerara (WCD).

Aleena Mohamed was living with her parents, 23-year-old Kaishrie Ramchand and 31-year-old Soaid Mohamed. She was their youngest of three children.

The mother told investigators that the child might have ventured to the trench, after she left the child alone in the yard for a few minutes to return to the house to get a towel to give her a bath.

Aback the house is a sheep pen with two gates, one of them leading to a trench.

The mother said at around 17:00hrs, she took the child to the back of the yard for a bath.

However, the mother said she returned to the house to collect a towel, leaving the child in the yard.

When she returned to the yard, the child was no where in sight.

An alarm was raised and a search party immediately began to look for the child. Her body was found at about 50-feet in the trench.

The body was immediately rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where the child was pronounced dead.