Toddler drowns in bucket at Charity


A family of Charity Squatting Area, Essequibo Coast, is now left to mourn the death of their three-year-old girl, who allegedly drowned in 4-gallon bucket water on Friday.

Dead is Sitana Alexander of Charity. The incident occurred sometime around 10:53h.

The mother of the child, Vanessa Alexander, told the police that at about 10:53h, she left the toddler in the house and went to wash her clothes. Upon returning, her daughter was nowhere to be found.

During a search, she discovered the child’s motionless body in a four-gallon bucket of water.

The child’s body was removed from the bucket of water and rushed to the Charity Hospital, where doctors pronounced her dead.

The body is presently at the Suddie Public Hospital, awaiting a post mortem examination.

Meanwhile, investigations continue.