Toddler among those who escaped unhurt in 2-vehicle collision at Herstelling


…driver allegedly fled scene

An infant was among several others who escaped unharmed following a two-vehicle collision at Herstelling, East Bank Demerara (EBD) yesterday afternoon.
The accident resulted in one vehicle landing upside-down in a nearby drain and the other skidding off the road and over the concrete median of the roadway.

This vehicle landed upside-down in the drain
This vehicle landed upside-down in the drain

Vehicle PMM 2954 was travelling towards Timehri when it was clipped by vehicle PTT 5087, reportedly speeding from behind.
According to eyewitnesses, PMM 2954 flipped two times and landed upside-down in a drain by the housing scheme, while PTT 5087 bolted over median and onto the other side of the road.
According to a Guyana Times report, the driver of the reportedly speeding vehicle fled the scene, leaving behind two children, an infant and two young women.
However, the women insisted that he was taken to the hospital but refused to relay any other information to the media.
When asked to share what transpired, one of the women declared that “you can write whatever you want”.
Bystanders said that they saw the man escaping through Haji Street, Herstelling. In response to the women’s claims that the driver did not abandon them, eyewitnesses pointed out that the driver side of the vehicle sustained little to no damages; therefore it was illogical that he received injuries which warranted him being rushed for emergency treatment.
Meanwhile, the driver of the vehicle which landed in the drain was identified as Vishnu Rampersaud.
He explained that he was cruising when he noticed the other vehicle driving wildly on the road. He said that was the last thing he remembered before his car flipped and ended up in the drain.
An investigation has been launched.


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