Tint permits to now have lifespan of 3 years – Benn


Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn has announced that the lifespan of tint permits will be extended to three years in order for permit holders to avoid the hassle of constant renewal.

He made the announcement today during the launching ceremony of the Mobile Money Guyana (mmg+) service for the General Register Office (GRO) and the Immigration Support Services (ISS).

With this new service, persons can make payments for their tint permits digitally. Benn explained that it is through this service, that persons would be able “to extend the validly period for tint [permits] for three years”.

According to information on the Ministry of Home Affairs website, as it stands, tint waiver permits are valid for six months and should be renewed at least one week before the expiry date. The estimated processing time for an application is three to five working days.

To apply for a tint permit, applicants are required to write a letter to the Minister of Home Affairs, requesting permission to use their vehicle with tint, and they must attach supporting documents to verify their reasons.

Applicants are also required to fill out the tint waiver application form and attach copies of documents listed on the form such as the vehicle registration, fitness and two passport size photos.