Timehri Youth killed in accident had plans of becoming an entrepreneur

Quamie Dalton

By: LaWanda McAllister

The 24-year-old minibus conductor who lost his life in an accident at the Soesdyke Junction, East Bank Demerara (EBD) on Monday, had dreams of achieving bigger things in life, like becoming his own boss.

In the prime of his youth, Quamie Dalton, a minibus conductor of Ice House Timehri, EBD, was killed in a car crash which left four other persons severely injured.

The young man was on his way to a party when the driver of the vehicle lost control of the car, causing it to crash into a median, then a utility pole before toppling several times.

The victim’s brothers, Jaleil and Oneil, are still in shock.

Jaleil and Oneil Dalton

“I feel terrible because he is only 24, he ain’t really live no life yet, and it is sad,” Jaleil expressed.

“He was a good person. He never passed anybody straight, always hailing you up, and always giving me free drop. When I push the money in he hand, the money would drop on the floor because he don’t collect it. I loved hanging out with my brother, because he was a real cool brother. I am going to really miss him so much,” Jaleil stated.

Meanwhile, Oneil noted that the news of his brother’s demise was shocking.

“When I got the news I broke down in tears, I lie down o n my bed and started thinking about it. All the plans he had. He said he wanted to buy a bus and start working it,” Oneil explained.

“My fondest memory of my brother was when we use to live over the river, and he would come on the weekends and stay with us, but he never know how to swim, and my father would call him by the river and say Quamie bring the soap, and he knew when my father called him to bring the soap he would catch him and through him over board. So, he never wanted to bring the soap, he would take the soap and throw the soap,” Oneil reminisced.