Time-up for absentee landlords in MMA


IMG-20130823-00043 (1)President Donald Ramotar today announced that he has given the Mahaica/Mahaicony/Abary Development Authority to take steps to bring to an end persons living overseas and resting state land to Guyanese nationals.

President Ramotar speaking at Cotton Tree, Region 5 recalled that it is illegal to lease state lands and then rent these plots to farmers and other users.

iNews was told that small farmers are forced to pay landlords about $20,000 per acre per annum while the state leases the land at about $1500 per acre.

“I have directed that they remove the absentee landlord situation in the MMA area…the land must be for those who occupy and utilise it,” the President declared.

Hundreds of acres of State lands are said to be rented by lessees at exorbitant prices not only in Region 5 but across the country.



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