‘Time to up your game’ – Code of Conduct coming soon for minibus drivers


The President of the United Minibus Union (UMU), Eon Andrews is pushing ahead to have a code of conduct implemented for minibus drivers before November month-end and is hoping to have discussions with Business Minister Dominic Gaskin in this regard.

During an interview today, Andrews reiterated the importance of having a standard behavioural pattern set for those operators, since the system is currently “out of control”.

He informed that the association will be meeting during this week to sort out the matter, along with other pressing issues. “I expect that the code of conduct should be implemented before the end of November or sometime before November because this thing is really necessary,” he stated.

According to him, a few of the things the code of conduct will seek to address include: “the mode of dress, general conduct, such as not overloading buses, the loud (and) lewd music, driving under the influence of alcohol, the way they speak to their passengers and that kind of stuff,”

It was pointed out that as soon as the Business Ministry drafts the code of conduct in partnership with the Union, the various minibus route representatives will be summoned to meet with the two partners, who will later engage the drivers.

He explained, “We will have to let the government do a release endorsed by us (the Union) because I don’t think the bus drivers will have a choice. It’s about time that they up their game. They have to up the quality of their services being offered for what people pay”.

In a previous interview Andrews said the code of conduct was extremely vital especially with the booming oil and gas sector expected to kick in by 2020.

The Union initially announced plans to establish a code of conduct for bus drivers back in August when plans were revealed to increase minibus fares by $20 for 10 different operating routes.

The announcement to set a standard behavioural pattern was welcomed with smiles by passengers as far too many would have vented their anger on social media due to the ruthless behaviour of drivers in the different routes. However, although some passengers welcomed the initiative, others were more concerned about the drivers living up to what is expected of them. In relation to this concern, the Minibus Union’s President would have assured that a hotline would be implemented for passengers to make reports.


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