‘Time to go plastic’ -Ramjattan urges citizens


The need to carry less cash and more credit or debit cards (plastic) was emphasised by Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan as he responded to questions about the role of citizens in the crime fight.

Speaking at the Golden Jubilee, National Symposia Series yesterday at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, the Minister said that many of the robberies involving large sums of money would be reduced if business people and others made the switch to plastic.

He noted that some business people “walk around with millions and millions of dollars.” He explained that most of the big robberies that occur happened because some persons have “inside (information) of some car or bag, got 10 million, five million or three million dollars.”

creditGuyanese must go plastic; he stressed, but noted that a lot of people don’t want to do this because they seek to avoid tax payments. The Minister pointed out that when persons decline to use credit or debit cards and avoid the taxes which they are legally obligated to pay, “that is another crime being committed.” The result, he likened to a double whammy, “you’re avoiding taxes, plus you’re getting robbed.”

Government will continue to do its part, Minister Ramjattan stated, and whilst tools such as surveillance cameras can assist, the employment rate must be increased, in his opinion.

Guyanese academics, scholars and students, at home and abroad, participated in the Golden Jubilee, National Symposia Series, which sought to create a cross disciplinary discussion for the strategic shaping of Guyana’s next 50-year journey. This was done through four aspects; ‘Who are we?’, ‘What has been our journey?’, ‘What can we become?’, ‘And how do we get there?’

The activity formed part of Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary commemoration and ended today. (GINA)



  1. The current Regime in Guyana has FAILED to provide even basic security to citizens and their solution is to “Go Plastic”?
    The level of INCOMPETENCY and corruption has risen to unacceptable levels.
    One has to wonder if the Regime members are profiting from the violent murders and robberies!

  2. I have been saying the same thing 7 going on 8 years now. Even ah lil squeaky cake shop next to my home has the various machines to accept my credit and debit cards.
    I bought at some stores and supermarkets in Guyana with my Guyanese debt card.

  3. What an incompetent official,marginalizing hard working people,for his failure as a minister,even seawall would not make such dumb statements,he seems to be getting the equivalent of the other guy from Orinduk waterfalls newspaper,who is sorry of his birthright.Latekiss.


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