Tidal changes hindering progress of Bartica stelling- Ferguson


…says 35% of phase one complete

Works on Bartica stelling are moving apace amidst challenges. Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson, said that phase one of the project is 35 per cent complete.
The Minister explained that work is progressing, but has been hindered due to the frequent changes of the tide which is preventing the contractors from working.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson assessing works done at the Bartica Stelling
“The men cannot work in the high tide; to date they have already installed the timber piles which have to be encased in concrete, so it’s just for them to start the casting which cannot be done during the tide,” Minister Ferguson explained. 
She added that concrete works to the substructure and steel bending are ongoing.
The project which commenced last October is a multi-year one. However, phase one which is the substructure (base/underlying/supporting structure) is now expected to be completed by September 2017 after which works on the superstructure (upper part) will commence immediately, Minister Ferguson pointed out.
The project’s description outlines that the southern section of the stelling is to be demolished and reconstructed with support piles made of greenheart for the substructure and southern timber fender system to be completely redone.

Ongoing works on the substructure of the Bartica Stelling
The superstructure will house various government offices, commercial businesses, passenger waiting area, canteen and staff offices.
The project which is funded by the government ‘will provide the good life’ for Region Seven and other persons who travel to the region, Minister Ferguson confidently stated to the Government Information News Agency (GINA).
The Minister recalled that when the government took office it inherited a deplorable stelling which was uncomfortable for persons travelling to the region.
“By virtue of the government pumping this amount of money into this project, means a lot. As a government, we sought to enhance this stelling because we don’t want to continue our tenure with dilapidated infrastructure. We want to ensure passengers are comfortable and safety is adhered to, so the enhancement of this stelling will definitely bring relief to the residents and those travelling,” Minister Ferguson posited.
The sum of $240M from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure’s $34.6 Billion, 2017 allocation is being spent for the execution of this project.