Three years jail for man who stole $2.7M Car

Ijah Byron


Ijah Byron
Ijah Byron

[] – Ijah Byron of South Ruimveldt Gardens, Georgetown, was today sentenced to three years imprisonment by Magistrate Faith McGusty on a simple larceny charge.

The 32 – year – old unemployed man pleaded guilty to the offence, which stated that on July 18 at Camp Street, Georgetown, he stole one Toyota motorcar valued $2.7 million, property of Annice Phoenix.

Police Prosecutor, Bharat Mangru said the virtual complainant’s brother visited a Pharmacy on Camp Street and upon leaving, he saw the defendant driving off with the car.

The matter was immediately reported to Police on patrol, who contacted ranks at the Mobile Outpost. Police gave chase and caught Byron at the corner of Thomas and Lamaha Street.



  1. is he mother and father sweat their for this car ..32 n unemployed…who says he unemployed?? wrong…he was working..teefing is is full time job..too bad he get years..the justice system reeks of a very bad stench in his favor..


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