Three years jail for Farmer busted with Marijuana farm

Ustad Lowe was sentenced to three years imprisonment. [iNews' Photo]


Ustad Lowe was sentenced to three years imprisonment. [iNews' Photo]
Ustad Lowe was sentenced to three years imprisonment. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Forty – five – year old Ustad Lowe, a Farmer of Moko Moko Settlement, Rupununi was sentenced to three years imprisonment for the possession of narcotics and cultivating marijuana.

Lowe appeared before Magistrate Fabayo Azore today, Thursday, September 25 and pleaded guilty to the charge, particulars of which stated that on September 24 at Moko Moko Settlement he had in his possession 10 grammes of marijuana.

He also pleaded guilty to cultivating the illegal substance. Police Prosecutor, Steven Telford told the Court that on the day in question Police conducted a search of the defendant’s home and found a transparent plastic bag on his bed frame. A further search on the bag unearthed the illegal substance.

Subsequently, he took the police to his farm about 15 meters east of his house. He pointed out about 25 marijuana plants ranging from 3-10 heights.

For the possession of narcotics charge he was sentenced to three years together with a $10,000 fine, while he was also sentenced to three years jail for cultivating plants with a $5,000 fine.

The sentences will run concurrently.


  1. As I continue to say this is total crazy, to jail a person for 10 grams of marijuana. I am sore this person and others have kids to provide for as well it will cost the government tax payers money to support then in prison, of which there is no possible assurance it will change their behavior of having ganja. I do hope someone in authority will read this and wake up to this dilemma and proposed a law for under a stipulated amount the person or persons are fined and commit to an amount of community service. As well as counseling which I am sure will get to the reason they are involved and guide them to a better life. PS:- “for those who miss the amount 10 grams is 0.35273 ounces”


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