UPDATE: Five charged with British teen’s murder


Apart from Aaron Hing, 23, also known as ‘Neutral’ and Staymon George, 24, also called ‘Stayey’ being charged for the murder of British teenager, Dominic Bernard; three others were this morning arraigned for the same murder.

CHARGED: Jameel Sinclair
CHARGED: Jameel Sinclair

23-year-old Krystal Thomas, also known as ‘Kattie’; 39-year-old Sinfinee Henry; and 20-year-old Jameel Sinclair, also known as ‘Frass’, were not required to plea to the indictable charge which read that on October 14 last year, at Kildonan village in Corentyne Berbice, they murdered Dominic Bernard.

CHARGED: Krystal Thomas
CHARGED: Krystal Thomas

They were represented by Attorney Nigel Hughes who argued that the selective release of information in relation to the investigation to the press by those in charge of the investigation may impair the chances of his clients having “a fair trial.”

Hughes questioned the reason for all five individuals being charged for murder.

The lawyer stated that due to the particulars of the charges which alleged that Thomas, Henry and Sinclair plotted the murder and hid evidence of the crime, they should have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and the obstruction of justice.

CHARGED: Thomas' mother, Sinfinee Henry
CHARGED: Thomas’ mother, Sinfinee Henry

The British teen had arrived in Guyana on the evening of October 14, 2015 where he was expected to stay with his god-brother, Aaron Hing. He went missing immediately after his arrival in Guyana, up until his badly decomposed body was discovered last week in a shallow grave at the back of Allness village in Berbice.

Hing became a “person of interest” after he also disappeared when Police attempted to make contact with him. As law enforcement continued their committed and relentless efforts digging for information, George was added to the list of suspects.

Subsequently, wanted bulletins were issued for the two men as suspicions grew about their involvement in the British teen’s disappearance.

Both Hing and George were arrested hours after the decomposed body of a male believed to be that of the missing teenager was discovered at Alness backdam.

Staymon George and Aaron Hinds were the first to be jointly charged with the murder of the British teenager
Staymon George and Aaron Hinds were the first to be jointly charged with the murder of the British teenager

Sinclair, on the other hand, upon his arrest, took law enforcement to an area behind Nurney Village, also on the Corentyne coast, and pointed out where he hid the teen’s camera and its components.

Sinclair admitted that he was promised payment to hide the teen’s belongings on the night the 18-year-old was fatally beaten.

Thomas and Henry were allegedly involved in planning the murder and were arrested by police ranks after they were reportedly discovered concealing evidence.




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