THREE DEAD: Husband, wife, child perish in Beterverwagting fire

Latoya Telford

The charred remains of a husband, wife and their toddler were found this morning after a blazing fire at their Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara home.

INews understands that the fire started around 03:30 hrs this morning.

Latoya Telford

Dead are Leonard Pollard, Latoya Telford and their toddler, Nakasia Pollard.

Details are sketchy but police are working on the theory that the fire may have been caused by an arsonist.
According to reports Leonard Pollard and Latoya Telford had been having domestic problems for years which led to Latoya Telford leaving the home but she had returned to the home only last night with her baby. Leon Pollard, a security guard and the brother of  Leonard Pollard, related that sometime last week he noticed Leonard – who lived on the upper flat of the building – tied a hang-man knot in the roof of the building.
More details in a subsequent report.
Below are a few photos


  1. When is going to stop? it seems like people’s lives have become NOTHING! If it is arson, I do hope they catch the person or persons who committed this gruesome act! SMH

  2. So sad –everyday there is a fire and where is the dictator no where to be found he is in hiding –wonder what he as to say about the daily fires????Too dumb to say anything????/


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