Three arrested in connection with murder of Agricola man

Dead: Randy Persaud.

[] – Police investigators are confident that they will be able to solve the murder of 27 – year – old Randy Persaud who was gunned down on Tuesday night while sitting in front of his home at Third Street, Agricola, East Bank Demerara.

Police sources have confirmed that three men from the community were arrested and are assisting with the investigations. According to the usually reliable sources, the three persons have also supplied the police with information on the possible places where the suspect may be hiding.

The suspect was identified by the two persons who were in the company of Persaud when he was killed.

Reports indicate that the shooting is related to a financial transaction between Persaud and another man from the village. His mother, Debbi Persaud told Reporters that her son recently returned to Guyana from Suriname and has been focusing his time and energy on their grocery store, but decided he would join in on the Mashramani celebrations which were held in Sophia, Greater Georgetown on Sunday, March 08.

According to reports, it was there that the shooter asked Persaud for money, which was given to him; however it was noted that the shooter wanted more and the two men had a misunderstanding which led to the first shooting incident.

Persaud, after returning home, related to his mother what transpired. The woman said she advised him to pray and the incident was reported to the police.