Thousands pay last respects to Good Hope rice farmers


Thousands today paid their last respects to the elderly couple that was burnt to death in their Good Hope, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), home on Sunday night during a brazen attack by armed men.

At a huge funeral service today, 75-year-old Mohamed Munir and his 69-year-old wife Jamila, were both hailed by all the speakers for their humility, kindness and their sterling contributions made over many decades to the development of Region Three’s agriculture sector and the country as a whole.

Many persons who spoke, including Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo and leaders of the Muslim community in Guyana, expressed shock and horror at the brutal manner in which the two respected elders lost their lives. They also issued a strong call for the authorities to do what is necessary to bring the perpetrators of this barbaric act to justice.

Pandemonium broke out when neighbours got news that the couple was being attacked by gunmen. Many persons rushed out to rescue the husband and wife when they noticed that their house was engulfed in flames. However, despite relentless efforts, the trapped couple who were screaming for help, could not have been saved since their house was heavily grilled.

Reports are the duo locked themselves in a room in their bid to hide from the gunmen. It is believed that this may have angered the attackers which prompted them to set the house on fire while the elderly couple was still inside. INews will provide more detailed report on the funeral service and the progress of the investigation into the matter soon. (Photos by Irfaan Ali)



  1. There should be a zero tolerance to gun violence in this former British colony. Was it still a colony of the United Kingdom, I think this once beautiful and seemly respected country would never have been in this mess.
    I guess this is a price for being a republic of none sensible governance by any political party.

  2. What’s happening in beautiful Guyana……becoming a hell hole, Guyanese living would be fearful of returning… TARGETS. The govt must do something now or the criminals gonna take over Guyanese one time paradise. Foreign law enforcements have offered to help with the security but the Guyana govt refused, you aren’t capable of protecting the citizens please rethink your decision. The house set ablaze killing that beautiful couple brought memories back. My brother was killed the same wa, can’t bear to imagine how those lives perished… No one is punished….. Law enforcement aren’t capable of solving these crimes…. Business men must be armed. The country has leader with a military back ground…. Put it to use…. BJ WITH HIS BACKGROUND CAN DO A BETTER JOB.


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