Thousands flock City streets for historic Independence Day Float Parade


Thousands of Guyanese during the course of the day flocked the streets of Georgetown from the Stabroek Market Square to the Jubilee Park at D’Urban Backlands to participate in this year’s 50th Independence Anniversary float parade.

People from all walks of life today joined each other in the celebratory event which commemorates the milestone achievement of 50 years as an independent nation.

IMG-20160526-WA0026Revelers decked out in splashes of colours combined with various accessories such as head bands, arm bands, leg bands, head ties, hats, masks, wigs and even painted faces all swayed to the different types of music being featured on a number of trucks that were involved in the float parade.

Many Guyanese, both local and those who reside out of the country, spent a great deal of time walking the streets, as they followed the floats until they arrived at the Jubilee Park where thousands of spectators were gathered to witness the historic event.

IMG-20160526-WA0024Youths from varying backgrounds and races today celebrated and participated in the events displaying unity and love for each other. Others were seen gyrating to the loud tunes being blasted from the speakers on the floats.

This is the first time that the country has celebrated its Independence Anniversary in such grand style captivating even the attention and interests of members of the Diplomatic community present in Guyana and many more who came here specially for the occasion.





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