Thomas, McKenzie benefit from Key Shop sponsorship



From left: Quincy Ridley, Matthew McKenzie, Cleveland Thomas and Carey Griffith during the handing over.
From left: Quincy Ridley, Matthew McKenzie, Cleveland Thomas and Carey Griffith during the handing over.

[] – Long distance athlete, Cleveland Thomas and junior athlete, Matthew McKenzie will receive sponsorship from the Key Shop for their upcoming 10k road races staring with the Courts 10k.

“We decided to assist with different supplements in light o the upcoming road races, we know Cleveland Forde is Guyana’s best but I think Cleveland Thomas is going to be a threat and Matthew McKenzie is going to doing well in the junior category,” Carey Griffith of Wind Jammer who is partnering with Quincy Ridley’s Key Shop stated at the simple handing over ceremony.

The sponsorship is meant for road races exclusively and will exclude track events as noted by Griffith.

“It is mostly for the road races, in addition to the Courts 10k there is also the Guyanese leg of the South American 10k, so it’s mostly for road races and we are going to be onboard with these two guys,” Griffith highlighted.

Meanwhile, Thomas was in recitation of the gesture by the Key Shop, “We would just like to say thank you, it’s a timely gesture and we really appreciate it and this will help with our success and anybody else that wants to come onboard are free to do so,” Thomas stated.

The seasoned campaigner also related the difficulties with preparing for such meets.

“The winning prizes can’t supplement, there isn’t a 10k every month and its pretty costly to prepare, I hardly take time off and you have supplements, transportation and gears which is costly I can’t put a figure to it but it is,” Thomas highlighted.

However, Thomas is confident about facing an old foe in Cleveland Forde. “I will go out there and do and put my best foot forward me and my coach have been working over the past three weeks, there is no doubt Forde is dominant but he is not unbeatable, he bleeds the same blood as I do,” Thomas quipped.

Ridley was proud to be associated with both athletes and wished them the best of luck and looks forward to their performances on Sunday at the Courts 10k.


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