BUDGET 2020: “This is not an elections campaign, it’s the Parliament of Guyana” – Teixeira tells Opposition MP

Member of Parliament Gail Teixeira

As the $330B budget debate kicked off this morning in the National Assembly, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and PPP/C Member of Parliament had cause to rebuke an Opposition Member of Parliament over statements he made, which according to her, lacked the basis of fact.

Opposition Member of Parliament, Shurwayne Holder, commenced his maiden address by accusing the Government of “instructing” the Department of Public Information (DPI) to halt the broadcast of the Opposition’s contributions to the Budget debates.

According to Holder, it was “insulting” that the instruction was given as the former Speaker of the National Assembly and Opposition Member of Parliament Raphael Trotman was making his presentation.

However, Minister Teixeira immediately rose to rebuke the MP about the allegation he was making.

“Mr Speaker, the Honourable Member is making an allegation without evidence; that is not allowed in the House, and therefore if he is making such aspersions, he must be able to prove it, this is not an elections campaign., this is the Parliament of Guyana.” she  firmly expressed.

House Speaker Manzoor Nadir then cautioned MP Holder to make statements which reflect fact and if he is challenged, he should be able present such facts if he has them in his possession, otherwise such statement will have to be taken off the record.