Thieves pounce on Electronics Store; $2M in items stolen

The empty boxes left inside the store following the break in
The empty boxes left inside the store following the break in
The empty boxes left inside the store following the break in

[] – Thieves on Tuesday night broke in to an electronics store in the Anna Regina market and stole more than $2M worth of items, including flat screen televisions, amplifiers and equalizers.

Owner of the store, Zalim Khan said some of the equipment was recovered from the market road early Tuesday morning. He said his store, which is located in the central area of the market, was secured on Monday afternoon and left in the protection of security guards of the Anna Regina Town Council Constabulary department.

He explained that alert residents next to the market saw what occurred and immediately contacted the police, who responded swiftly and resulted in the capture of four persons.

According to Khan, the thieves forced opened a door in order to gain entry inside the store. He said the Police found a crowbar and several ‘hack saw blades’ at the crime scene.

Town Clerk of the Anna Regina Town Council, Diana Critchlow told Councillors at their statutory meeting on Thursday, July 02 that thieves broke into six stalls in the Anna Regina and Bush Lot markets over the past weeks.

She said although there were three guards on duty at the Anna Regina market Tuesday night, the crime still occurs since they were tied up and beaten by the bandits.

She said one of the guards was tied to a GPL post on the market road while the other two were tied up in the market. The Council plans to approach the Police Force to assist with more patrols during the night.




  1. Ramjattan said he didn’t know the reason(s) behind the spate of serious crimes across the country. He suggested it could be because of poverty along with another which I cannot remember.. Poverty is no excuse to invade another’s house, shoot to kill in most instances, assault to cause serious injuries , not to mention the trauma left behind to the victims.
    Guyana has had more than its fair share of crime and it has definitely gotten worse immediately since after the election.and the entry of the new administration. Many APNU/AFC sympathisers/supporters may not want to accept that but the daily robberies involving guns are the realities for the Guyanese authorities to come up with a solution.It is no use denying that the crime situation is spiralling out of control. This is not an issue to be swept under the carpet and pretend that the people are not worried.
    While the nation is bleeding, the Mr Harmon is looking for others who he can sack making up some accusations/allegations and not providing any substantial evidences to back up his accusations. This new administration after being catapulted into office, are now on a vengeance against supporters of the previous administration.
    THEY HAVE THEIR PRIORITIES ALL WRONG. This is probably plan A and they will shift into plan B, but they don’t have a plan B!!!!!!!

  2. One of Guyana’s biggest blight is their high level of criminals roaming freely, harsh punishments are needed for these menaces to society


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