There is an incompetent handling of the crime situation – Former Police Commissioner


winston-felixSharing his opinion on the current crime situation and the handling of it by the police and the oversight ministry, former Police Commissioner Winston Felix said there is a lack of positive effort.

Felix, the APNU’s alternative to Clement Rohee for oversight of the National Security Sector, said there is an incompetent handling of the domestic security situation.

At a press conference today, Felix said what is needed is better investigative capacity and more rained police ranks.

He also opined that more needs to be done to ensure that the force keeps its human resources rather than loose them to other fields of employ.

Touching on the increase use of guns, Felix said the country’s porous borders are still the biggest challenge as it allows the freedom for weapons smuggling.

The former commissioner also criticized what he described as self satisfaction posture taken by the government towards the crime situation.

He said despite the investments being made, the people of Guyana still feels weak and threatened.

According to him, the APNU is adamant that there is nothing to cheer about when one examines Rohee’s performance as Home Affairs Minister.



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