Theft at NCN: “I was not hoarding cash and jewelry”- Raymond Azeeze

Marketing Manager of NCN, Raymond Azeeze.
Marketing Manager of NCN, Raymond Azeeze.

[]Marketing Manager of the National Communications Network Inc (NCN), Raymond Azeeze said that he was not stock piling cash and jewelry at his Homestretch office in Georgetown.

Azeeze discovered that a number of US currency and gold were missing for his NCN office on Monday, November 25. Following his initial failure to comment on the issue when approached by iNews, Azeeze sought to set the record straight after the story was published.

Azeeze, who maintains that he needs to get the approval of the company’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Gordon before making any official comment on the theft, related that the matter is an internal one that is being addressed by the company.

iNews was informed that the gold which the manager had in his office was not his property but rather the property of someone he was keeping it for.

As it relates to the money which belonged to Azeeze, iNews understands that he was saving it to purchase a vehicle. The total value of the gold and cash is almost $900,000.

Azeeze said he does not want the wrong impression given and that he was not hoarding money and jewelry at NCN. At least two cleaners have been questioned in relation to the matter.

iNews was informed that the money went missing sometime between the first week in November and Monday November 25. According to information received Azeeze last saw the cash and gold about two weeks ago when he added more to the collection.

However, when he attempted to add some more valuables or cash to collection on Monday, he realized everything was gone.

iNews was reliably informed that despite the presence of cameras which monitor almost every angle of the company, there is no footage available to prove who went into the office and removed the items even though the cameras are working. [Leroy Smith]




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