“The PPP/C is the Party of the future”; Clinton Urling to appear on PPP list of candidates

Clinton Urling

By Jomo Paul

Former Head of Blue CAPS, Clinton Urling
Former Head of Blue CAPS, Clinton Urling

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Chairman of Blue Caps and President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Clinton Urling in a shocking move has disclosed that he will be appearing on the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) list of candidates to be revealed today April 07 – Nomination Day.

Urling during an interview with iNews this morning said “I will be appearing on the PPP’s list.”

The Former GCCI President had signaled his intention to enter the political sphere after his resignation from his post as Blue Caps Chairman some weeks ago.

However, the move to join the PPP is especially surprising given the fact that Urling has been especially critical of the PPP/C administration.

Urling joins APNU Leader, David Granger on the picket line outside Office of the President demanding a date for LGE a few months ago
Urling joins APNU Leader, David Granger on the picket line outside Office of the President demanding a date for LGE a few months ago

As Blue Caps Chairman, he would have spearheaded several calls for the Administration to name a date for Local Government Elections (LGE) which was last held over two decades ago.

When questioned about this Urling responded that he joined the Party for two reasons; one being that it has a list that reflects more youth participation and secondly he believes that the Party has a better economic plan for the wellbeing of Guyana.

“I believe the PPP is the Party of the future,” Urling told iNews.

It has been confirmed that while Urling has not been assigned to any specific role in the Party, he will be speaking at campaign rallies in an effort to garner the youth support for the upcoming elections.

When contacted, current Chairman of Blue Caps, Michael Leonard said that the Youth Body stands in support of the decision taken by Urling.

He explained that fundamental tenets of the constitution guarantee a person freedom to rights of association and expression noting that violations of those rights will not be perpetuated by Blue Caps.

“Blue Caps supports the individual’s right to freedom of association and Freedom of expression…Even though Clinton is the founder and is still a member of Blue Caps; we won’t discriminate against him or anyone else,” said Leonard.

He subsequently added that he remains hopeful that Urling uses the opportunity afforded to him as a PPP member to push some the ideals that would have been extensively articulated by Blue Caps.




  1. Wow Clinty… You selling and drinking soup now bai… congrats.. with ya cut throat self.. Ah wonder how much you making off this move here.

  2. urling knows where not to heng he mouth where soup not leaking..one more pnc to infiltrate ppp…like so many of them already did..plus…hear this..plus how many pnc ppp hiring…urling want soup ..urling dont want lick pnc bootlace…

  3. A good move because the PPP/C is already bankrupt of ideas and need some stimulation in their role as the opposition come May 11th. Finally the APNU AFC party will have some opposition worth their time. Clinton Urling will provide that stimulation for the PPP/C against the new Government of the APNU/AFC Unity coalition. This is good for the entire country. We want people like Clinton in the opposition to make things interesting in parliament for the new APNU/AFC government..

  4. Mr. Ulling you are a very smart guy. you make the right decision. You gonna be an asset for this Goverment. You have form a very good organisations called blue caps. than mean you are going to make a good minister of the ppp goverment. But dont leave the blue caps you must still guide them with your idea.

  5. This guy Urling is confused, he is just another ??? . Its good to see how ppl sell they soul even for a empty CUP!

  6. Well done Clinton Urling! Well done!!! Welcome my brother!!! Today you’re a PPP, A youth, A PPP YOUTH! Mr. Urling, can you and Dr. Ramsaroop please put some senses also into Raphel Trotman big head! I always critize you for some of your past positions, but today you have seen the truth and the visions. Hallelujah. LONG LIVE THE PPP! The PPP is open to any others who wants to join in MODERNIZATION.
    Let’s continue in development and growth. I’m dancing right now. I want these youth to be PPP Ministers. I think Mr. Clington Urling should be the next Ministers of Youth, sports and Culture.

  7. Goes to show the PPP/C is open for Business.
    APNU+AFC is all talk with poison and lies.
    PPP/C is the only choice to move us forward.
    Goes to show it will reach out to everyone with outstretched beckoning hands.


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