‘The PPP will lose if it goes to the polls’ – Harmon opines


By Kurt Campbell

APNU Member of Parliament, Joseph Harmon.
APNU Member of Parliament, Joseph Harmon.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Following calls by citizens to hold National Elections in order to bring an end to what is an apparent gridlock in the National Assembly, Opposition Parliamentarian Joseph Harmon has expressed the view that going to the polls [now] will not only reduce the already existing minority of the governing PPP/C but will cause the party to lose its executive power altogether.

“The PPP/ will lose if it goes to elections and they know it, people are not fooled by these polls which are claiming otherwise, the ordinary man is crying out and they should call on the PPP to negotiate,” Harmon told iNews during an interview on Monday, March 10.

Essequibo residents on Friday, March 7 had called on the Government to go to the poll if the opposition maintains its non – support for the contentious Anti –Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Amendment Bill in its current form.

On this note, Harmon said there is really no connection between the passage of the Bill and the holding of elections, adding that it was a statement contrived to represent the PPP’s objective.

“One statement cannot inform a whole party line, I don’t see why a party would want to risk an entire electoral process, there is simply no disaster, and it is because of the PPP’s obstinate attitude that we have such an unfortunate political situation that will go down in history.” 

General Secretary of the PPP/C Clement Rohee on Sunday, March 9 at Babu John had also said that only elections can bring an end to the gridlock as he urged supporters to work towards ensuring the party regains its majority in the House, whenever that time comes.

To this end, Harmon said since the governing party returned to the National Assembly with a minority following the 2011 General elections, it has always been bluffing its way with calls for premature elections. He said it is a PPP line it continues to take, adding that it clearly shows the party’s inability to establish compromise.

“As a minority government it is incumbent upon them to seek compromise, we never called for elections, it is a PPP call but they must develop an attitude to consult and find a way  to work together and seek to establish inclusionary democracy” he added.

The Opposition MP maintains that its stance in and out of the House is only in an effort to ensure good governance and accountability as he signaled the readiness of his party for elections, anytime.



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