“That was not his call” – Mother of dead Cargo Loader

Dead: Dwayne Newton and Blake Slater.

By Leroy Smith

Grieving mother, Roslyn Jacobs. [iNews' Photo]
Grieving mother, Roslyn Jacobs. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com]In her first media interview since the tragedy involving her son, a totally shaken Roslyn Jacobs – the mother of dead cargo loader – 29 – year – old Dwayne Anthony Newton – said that it was not her son’s call to board that Trans Guyana flight on Thursday which later crashed on Saturday morning killing him and the pilot.

In an exclusive interview with iNews on Monday morning, January 20, at her Georgetown home surrounded by relatives and friends, the woman said that from the inception, her son’s approach towards going on the trip was a bit abnormal since he would usually giver her prior notice that he was traveling to the interior.

She said that the Thursday morning when her son woke her up, he was acting strange. Ms. Jacobs said that normally whenever her son has to travel, she would get up early in the mornings and wait with him until the Trans Guyana bus arrives to pick him up. However, on that morning there was no bus and the young man rushed out of the house, catching public transportation to make his way to the airport.

She recalled that in his rush to leave the house, he forgot his air muffle and waistband which he later requested be sent up on another flight.

Ms. Jacobs said that on Friday, she began watching the weather and wondered to herself how the company was allowing the planes to travel to the interior in such condition and from that day she began praying for her son and his colleagues.

She said that he would normally call her but this was the first trip that he never called. The woman told iNews it was on Saturday that things began to unfold, which caused her to believe that something was wrong when a former colleague of hers called her to confirm the names of her two sons who worked at the airport and more specifically the name of the one who travels to the interior.

Dead: Dwayne Jacobs.
Dead: Dwayne Jacobs.

Shortly after, the woman’s other son telephoned her and asked her what she was doing and informed her that he was sending someone to collect his son which she was babysitting at the time. The woman told iNews that not long after, she saw her daughter – in – law, son and another woman walking into the yard and she immediately knew that something was indeed wrong.

Her son passed her and went straight to the back of the house with a strange look on his face.  She said that she immediately asked what was happening and her son then informed her that Dwayne “fell out of the sky” to which she broke down in tears.

It was at that point that the other woman who accompanied them to the house representing Trans Guyana Airways comforted her saying that they are not dead and the search teams were doing their best.

The woman said that throughout the weekend she was praying for her son and the pilot and it was only this morning that her other son confirmed that Dwayne was dead. The woman’s daughter then informed this  news site that she in fact received  a call from the Transport Minister Robeson Benn at approximately 8.30hrs to confirm that the bodies were found.  The dead man’s sister told iNews that she did not tell her mother anything because she wanted to do so when other persons were around.

Ms. Jacobs quoted the words which were uttered to her by her son in relating the death news: “mommy let me tell you stand strong the captain is dead and Dwayne is also dead needless I lie to you.”

She said her son was a hard worker and worked very hard for the company which he died serving. He worked with the company for eleven years, iNews was told.



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