Tennis Olympiad and Fun Day tomorrow at National Racquet Centre


– public invited to attend, learn to play tennis

The Guyana Tennis Association  is once again hosting a ‘Tennis Olympiad and Fun Day’ as a special tennis event to be held this Sunday at the National Racquet Centre. The activity which is geared for all ages and is funded by the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) is held in observance of World Olympic Day which was celebrated on June 23rd.
Last year the promotional activity attracted over 30 participants with the feature exercise being cardio tennis which is a type of tennis highly recognised for fitness benefits rather than competitive gains. “This year’s event will no doubt provide competitive tennis oriented activities, highlighting elements of tennis technique and tactic,” a statement from the Tennis Association stated . It said more emphasis will however be placed on fitness activities and competition designed for public participation and to illustrate the physical demands of tennis. Information will also be provided about The Olympic Movement and Tennis as an Olympic Sport.
2016 Tennis Olympiad and Fun Day will be held this Sunday June 26th at the National Racquet Centre (Woolford Avenue & Camp Streets) from 09:00am to 3:00pm. All members of the public who wish to pursue tennis as a recreational sport will have an opportunity to try out the sport, watch advanced players, meet tennis coaches and join a club of their choice.
The pics below show participants from last year’s event:
tennistennis 2tennis 3


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