Tenant suspected of dealing drugs opens fire on landlord when confronted

Police say they are making diligent efforts to apprehend a thirty-year-old tenant who allegedly shot his landlord multiple times to his legs because he was warned to discontinue doing illegal business on his property.
Based on the information received it was disclosed that the victim Basil Murray, 66, of 89 Melanie Damishana ECD, owns and rents a three story property at Lot 360 Melanie Damishana ECD, where the suspect is one of his tenants.
Police in a statement said that about 21:00 hrs last night, the victim was making a routine visit to his Lot 360 property when he met the suspect in the yard.
Murray confronted the suspect, after he was informed that the man was selling narcotics on his premises, and  asked him to desist from so doing.
small-gunAs a result, a heated argument ensued; during which the suspect allegedly whipped out a handgun and discharged several rounds at the victim, hitting him twice to both legs, after which he fled the scene.
The victim was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he was admitted in a stable condition, awaiting to undergo surgery.
Police investigators have retrieved seven (7) spent shells of a small calibre weapon, at the scene. Investigations are ongoing.


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