Temporary Police outposts set up at St. Stanislaus College; 911 remains in operation

Overhead photo of the fire destroying the Brickdan Police Station

Statement from the Guyana Police Force:

The Guyana Police Force’s Regional Police Division 4 ‘A’ Headquarters at Brickdam, Georgetown, has been severely affected by a devastating fire that occurred today Saturday October 02, 2021.

The fire which started about 11:06hrs in the upper part of an Eastern building, spread to several other mainly wooden buildings in the compound, despite the efforts of the members of the Guyana Fire Service who subsequently managed to bring it under control.

All the buildings in the compound have been completely destroyed with the exception of the station lockups, barracks and Impact Base. In addition, a few police vehicles were slightly damaged, while a number of privately owned vehicles that were detained in relation to matters under investigation have been destroyed or damaged.

All the prisoners who were in custody in the Station lockups were safely evacuated and there has been no loss of police or civilian life. However, a few police ranks received minor injuries during valiant efforts to save important records, equipment, furniture and arms and ammunition that have been relocated for safe keeping, and have received medical treatment.

The fire also damaged a business place located in Hadfield Street behind the Brickdam Police Station.

While investigations into the fire are being conducted, police operational activities in the Division are continuing unabated with efforts being made to relocate the affected offices and ranks.

In the meantime, the Guyana Police Force is informing members of the public that temporary police offices/outposts have been established at the St. Stanislaus College to deal with reports and other police related matters.

The public is hereby advised that the 911 number (line) continues to be in operation.