Telecoms Bill deferred, Amaila Legislation restored to Order Paper


SAmuel hindsAfter a tit for tat between the parliamentary opposition and the government, the two critical pieces of legislation relating to the Amaila Falls Hydro Project was restored to the order paper for debate.

This was made possible as a result of the Alliance for Change [AFC], who voted in favour for the Bills to be restored, while APNU voted against.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds moved the motion to have the Hydro Electric Power Amendment Bill and the motion to increase the debt ceiling restored. According to Hinds, after these two legislations were defeated, positions have changed on the matter, as there is now more understanding.

However, while the government sought to have the Amaila Bills immediately debated, both the AFC and the APNU were against this, citing that the National Assembly should go ahead with the items on the initial order paper, which has the Local Government and Telecommunication Bills listed first.

Speaker of the House, Raphael Trotman pleaded with the parliamentarians for real politics to take over and suggested that the National Assembly move ahead with the items on the order paper as it is listed.

After consulting for approximately two hours, the Opposition and the government decided to go ahead with the sequence of Bills on the order paper.

According to Prime Minister Hinds, the four Local Government Bills will be debated first followed by the two legislation dealing with the Amaila Falls Project.

The Telecoms Bill and the Amendments to the Public Utilities Commission was deferred to the next session of Parliament which is slated for October.



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