Teen to get autopsy 9 days after death, mother fuming over delay


The post-mortem examination is expected to be conducted on 16-year-old, Akisha Smith on Friday after the teen suddenly passed away in her sleep on August 15.

Alva Smith

The mother of the teen, Alva Smith of Phase Two, Onderneeming Sand Pit, Essequibo Coast, Region Two, made a call on Wednesday for the body of her daughter to be released for burial since she succumbed eight days ago.

According to reports, the now dead girl who suffers from frequent seizures was discovered dead in her bed at about 07:30h on the day in question by her mother who attempted to wake her.

As such, the Police were called in and the body was taken to the funeral home. According to the woman, on August 20, she visited the Suddie Police Station to enquire about the post-mortem, but it was only then that the ranks reportedly informed the pathologist in Georgetown.

She said she overheard the pathologist telling the rank that, had he been informed earlier, the post-mortem would have already been done.

According to the mother, she became worried about the state of her daughter’s body, since there has been constant power outages in the region.

The woman has said she is very poor, and it is her daughter’s grandparents who will be taking care of funeral expenses.

According to the woman, for religious purposes, the family is hoping to bury the teen before the nine-night service.

However, a visit was paid by the family to the Commander who informed them that the pathologist (name unknown) would be venturing to the region on Friday to conduct the long awaited autopsy.

As such, the teen is expected to be laid to rest on Saturday.


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