Teen shot in face by bandit a month ago recovering

  • bullet still lodged in body, having moved from chin to throat and now making its way down to her spine

Nearly a month after being shot in the face, 16-year-old Onika Luke is progressing well on her road to recovery.

Luke, a student on St John’s College, was working part-time at the Lucky Star Chinese Restaurant located at Better Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD), when an armed bandit stormed the establishment on May 28 and shot her in her chin.

A photo of Onika Luke before she was shot in the face
Onika Luke before she was shot in the face

According to the teen’s brother, Wendell Rajnee, the family is happy to see the teen making such vast strides in her recovery.

“She is feeling much better and the tubes have come out of her nose. She is eating more than before and we are very happy to see this,” Rajnee said.

However, the bullet is still lodged in the teenager’s body, having moved from her chin to her throat and now making its way down to her spine.

“The doctors told us it is extremely dangerous to do surgery and we cannot think of doing an operation now,” Ranjee added.

Doctors have advised the family to keep a close eye on the teen even though her recovery is going well. They also highlighted the fact that they are hoping the bullet does not move within the next two to three weeks, in that way, reducing the likelihood of causing further discomfort to Luke.


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