Teen shot as Valentine’s lime turns sour


A Valentine’s night lime turned sour last evening when a 14-year-old boy was shot to the left side of his abdomen by a gunman in the vicinity of Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown.

Reports are that the lad, identified as Nathan Martin, of Middle Road, La Penitence, Georgetown, was ‘hanging out’ with some friends on the roadway at Saffon Street around 19:00hrs.

That was when he noticed a group of persons approaching their direction.

Commander of ‘A’ Division Clifton Hicken told INews that based on Martin’s statement, he (Martin) observed at least four males on bicycles and others on foot heading towards Martin and his friends.

The 14-year-old-boy said he also saw “something shiny” when he glanced towards one particular male and thus began to run away from the area.

However, upon running, the male who had the “shiny” object pointed it in Martin’s direction and shot him. The bullet hit him to the left side of his abdomen and both groups scattered.

The perpetrator and his friends managed to make good their escape while Martin’s friends called for help. The 14-year-old boy was then taken to the hospital for medical attention.

Martin is said to be in a stable condition and investigations into the shooting are still underway.

“Based on Martin’s description of the perpetrator and his group, they were all teenagers. Police are still investigating the matter. But from what we are told we are looking for a teenaged shooter,” Hicken told INews.



  1. o yes here we go again the police have to find out where is his father and mother and why he was not at home at 14 years old instead of liming at the corner just emagine what he had done to be shot at and only 14 years old just check he and his shooter background and see what is the real problem probably no father for both of them .

  2. Teen shot as Valentine’s lime turns sour
    Yall think Martain innocent?
    He very observant because his is duty bound to be observant to be on the look out at all times.. I does see people coming on motobikes bicycles cars vans trucks at me all the time but there is no need for me to “run”


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