Teen mom undergoes emergency surgery – says doctors left ‘after birth’ inside of her


Investigations are currently on-going into claims made by an 18-year-old mother that the doctors at a Hospital in Region Two, after recently delivering her baby left the “after birth” inside of her.

surgeryThe young mother is presently a patient in the female ward at the hospital where she is said to be recuperating slowly.

INews was told that sometime last week she delivered her baby and shortly after being released from the hospital she began to feel intense pains inside of her tummy.

She sought medical attention and after an ultra sound was done it was revealed that the “after- birth” had been left inside of her.

As such the young, traumatized mother was forced to undergo an emergency surgery to have this problem rectified.

Regional Chairman Devanand Ramdatt told INews that at this point in time it is unclear as to whether the allegations against the hospital are true and that investigations have already begun to verify the claims of the young mother.

However, he noted that if this is indeed what occurred during the delivery process then it would not be the first time that the “after birth” would have been left inside of a mother at the said hospital.



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  2. Regional Chairman Devanand Ramdatt is exposing his ignorance by making statements. Retained placenta partial or complete and sometimes a small bit of placenta could remain inside the womb due to abnormal adhesion of placenta to the mothers womb. Rarely a separate bit of placenta can develop and may be left inside the womb and it is not easy for the birth attendant or the doctor to identify this unless the mother develop abnormal bleeding or infection or abnormal discharge, In this case it seems like the mother developed some sepsis due to the bits of placenta left or it can be a after birth discharge collecting inside the womb and getting infected or the infection of the site of attachment of the placenta.

    Press should avoid publishing such false news and the picture on the article is intentionally put to sensationalize the matter.


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