Teen girl raped, later assaults suspect with hammer, mopstick


A 15-year-old girl was on December 3 allegedly raped by a 28-year-old man, who is employed as a miner and is said to be the boyfriend of the victim’s sister.

Police received reports are that the suspect would visit the family’s home on a regular basis.

On the day in question, the miner and the teen were consuming alcohol at the home. The victim became intoxicated.

Investigators were informed that the teen was sitting on her bed when the suspect took off her clothes and had anal sex with her against her will.

The next day, the victim informed her mother, via telephone, about the incident as her mother was not at home.

As such, the victim’s mother invited the suspect to the house. In the presence of the teen and her sister, they inquired about the rape allegations; the man denied.

Thereafter, the teen reportedly dealt him several punches about his body. She also allegedly beat him with a mopstick.

The mother, according to reports, used a kitchen knife to inflict wounds on the man’s body.

As a result, the man reportedly confessed to having oral sex with the teen.

Afterwards, the teen went for a hammer and reportedly dealt the suspect several lashes.

Police said they were informed that the teen and mother then took off the suspect’s clothes and reportedly sodomised him with the mopstick.

The police were then called to the scene. The teen and miner were escorted to a public hospital.

Police are investigating the incident.