Teen arrested for rape of 10-year-old


A thirteen-year-old boy was on Monday arrested for the rape of his ten-year-old (male) neighbour in New Amsterdam, sometime between Friday and Sunday last.

This information was confirmed by Police “B” Division Commander, Ian Amsterdam on Tuesday.

Inews understands that the 10-year-old lad resides with his father, in a home next door to where the 13-year-old lives with his mother. However, on the days that the 10-year-old’s father is required to work at nights, he would stay with the teen and his mother.

This online publication was told that on the day in question, the teen’s mother had to leave the home to tend to work, and she reportedly left her son to watch over his neighbour. It was during this period that the teen allegedly sodomised the younger child.

This publication was also informed that a report was made on Monday, after the 10-year-old confided in his father about what had transpired.

The 10-year-old reportedly underwent a medical examination which confirmed his claims.

Investigations are ongoing.



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