Teen arraigned for murder of La Grange resident


A teenager was charged with murder at the Vreed-en-hoop Magistrates Court, West Coast Demerara, earlier today for the killing of Unity Street La Grange resident, James Stewart.

Appearing before Magistrate Chrystal Lambert, the sixteen-year-old was not required to plea to the indictable charge which stated that on Sunday, July 17, he murdered James Stewart. This follows the teen’s alleged confession on Sunday last that he committed the act.

Stewart’s body was discovered along the roadside near his West Bank Demerara home.

The teen on his way to Court today
The teen on his way to Court today

During this afternoon’s arraignment, the prosecution stated that it was ready to provide 20 witnesses in the matter, but is still waiting on the post mortem file.

The lawyer representing the teen, Melvin Duke, stated that gross violations of the law were committed as the defendant was held in police custody for over 84 hours and was not afforded the privilege of an attorney.

Magistrate Lambert noted these claims but stressed that the young man will not be granted bail given the nature of the offence.

He was remanded into police custody and will make his next appearance at the Wales Magistrate Court on September 9.

Speaking outside the courtroom, family members of the deceased called for justice to be served.





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