Teen accused of theft reportedly beaten, burnt by 15 men

Caption: Burnt: Handel Payne

A teenager of South Sophia, Greater Georgetown is now nursing serious injuries and burns about the body after he was allegedly taken to a house, doused with gasoline and set afire by 15 men.

Eighteen-year-old Handel Payne, a construction worker of Lot 75 Block “E” Sophia, told   Inews that about two weeks ago, he was at a friend’s house when the group of men pulled up and accused him of being involved in an offence, to which he is clueless.

He explained that after a few minutes of trying to convince the men that he did not steal anything, he was taken to another location, “somewhere in South Ruimveldt”. When he got to that location, the men dragged him out of the car, and began beating him.

The teen alleged that whilst he was being beaten, his abductors later doused him with gasoline and set him alight.

Payne related that he recognized two of the men who lit him on fire, and revealed that one of them, resides not far away from his home.

“They beat me with shovels, glass bottles, and all sort of things. They came with guns and was bussing shots…”

The teen narrated that after he was lit a fire, he fought to get his clothes off. However, after a while, the men quenched the fire on the young man’s body, by throwing water on him. He claimed that his attackers then threw him into the car, and took him to the Police Station.

While at the Police Station, Payne alleged that he was thrown at the back of a Police truck by some officers and the same persons who set him a blaze, and was taken to the Georgetown Hospital.

“When they finish doing all of this, they dropped me off at the hospital and never returned”, he said.

Payne sustained first and second degree burns to his neck, torso, arms, hands, and back.  He said since the incident occurred, he has been making several reports to the East La Penitence Police Station, but to no avail.

While the lad remains adamant that he did no commit the crime, he said that he is fearful for his life since the men who abducted him, are still roaming the streets.

Payne and his family are calling higher authorities to “do something about the situation”.

When contacted, Commander of A division Simon McBean on Friday told Inews that he was informed of the matter, and an investigation has been launched.