Technician remanded over attempted murder charge


A technician attached to the Neighbouring Democratic Council (NDC) of the Durban Backlands area, was today (Monday) remanded for allegedly attempting to murder a man.

Himchan Kenswin, 22, of said Durban Backlands Squatting Area was not allowed to plead to the indictable charge which alleged that he, on April 14 2018 at said Durban Backlands, unlawfully and maliciously wounded Trevor Smith with intent to murder him.

REMANDED: Himchan Kenswin

The accused reportedly fled to the interior after committing the act and was captured on Thursday last.

On the day of the incident, Smith reportedly requested that Kenswin remove from a step. The man refused which prompted Smith to file a complaint at the Police Station.

While returning, he was confronted by Kenswin who dealt him several lashes to his head with a piece of wood.

Smith was taken to the hospital where he was hospitalised for 5 days with serious head injuries.

As such, even as the defendant attempted to explain himself, he was remanded to prison by the Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan whom he appeared before.


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