Tech expert underscores the need to capitalise on exponential technologies


Government on Wednesday partnered with the Inter-Development Bank (IDB) to host technology expert Dr Nicholas Haan, who made a presentation on the use of exponential technology (ET) in small economies.

Dr Nicholas Haan during his presentation

The presentation was made to a gathering including members of both the private and public sectors.

Public Telecommunications, Minister Cathy Hughes in her address, asserted that the APNU-AFC Administration is moving towards modern times and as such, intend to utilise technology to its fullest so as to allow citizens’ access to key services online.

Furthermore, Hughes noted that there is an expectation for Guyana to become “better and faster” as it is transformed through the inclusion of ICT in the business transaction process, in addition to services provided and the way citizens receive these services.

 “We feel that it is easy for Guyana and our citizens to make that transition to a digital economy… [Dr Hahn] is going to educate us and open our minds on how it is possible for us to move in this direction to transform Guyana,” the minister noted.

Meanwhile, IDB Senior Specialist on State Modernisation, Mariko Russell, said the idea behind hosting this presentation is to highlight how accessible and beneficial exponential technologies can be for local enterprises.


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