Team USA wins Cross-fit Games, Fortune female champion


Team USA receive their prizes. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Team USA became Guyana’s first Cross fit champions when the inaugural E-Networks sponsored event was held on Sunday at the National Park tarmac.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the nation came out in their numbers and participated in both teams and individual competition enduring a series of fitness tests that incorporated weights, free hand exercises and running, to test the physical limits of the athletes.

Team USA won the event with a total of 1376 points while the Guyana Defence Force was second with 1181 points. Elite System finished third with 1161 points and Interline fourth with 1032 points.

In individual competition, USA’s Joseph Rivera won the event with 485 points followed by teammate Tim Lombardi on 413 points.

Guyana’s Dillon Maheda out of Cross fit finished third on 413 points as well but had a slower time for his workouts than Lombardi.

Alisha Fortune during her exercise. [iNews’ Photo]
National sprinter, Alisha Fortune was the winner of the female event with a total of 495 points. Rebeka Moore was second on 460 and Nadine Taharally was third on 455 points.

The athletes received their prizes at a presentation ceremony held immediately after the tournament.