Teachers’ salary negotiations: Union hoping to reenter talks with Govt next month

File photo: GTU President Mark Lyte speaking to media operatives at a previous protest  

The Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) is optimistic that the Education Ministry will be able to honour its promises made in the last agreement by next month, to hopefully reinitiate the discussions on teachers’ wages, among others soon.

President of the GTU, Mark Lyte in an interview with INews on Tuesday explained that the Ministry is yet to address certain matters under the last agreement inked in October last year.

“Some of the things still being addressed currently [include] the debunching and the clothing allowance will be paid in September. We have the allowance for special needs teachers that is still to be sorted out but we anticipate that sometime in this new term, in September, we should be able to resume our talks,” he noted.

Lyte, when asked if he was pleased with the Ministry’s pace of satisfying these obligations, said he realises that the requests made require money, so at this time the Union is patient.

In February, the Union submitted a proposal to the MoE for a 25 per cent salary increase in wages for public school teachers. GTU proposed that some of the already existing policies be maintained such as Whitley Council for three years, instead of four, and a few others.

This proposal also requests that grants be given to schools instead of having materials supplied as complaints have been flagged in the past of sub-standard materials and cleaning supplies.

In addition to this, the GTU President disclosed that the Union also requested the maintenance of duty-free concessions in the existing categories.

Moreover, the new proposal seeks to extend gratuity for persons leaving the profession before the age of 50 to 55, while the issue of class size for Special Needs Schools was highlighted.