Teachers’ salary arbitration: Withdraw appointment of Chair or strikes resume- GTU to Govt


Following several failed talks at different levels, the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) at a press conference on Wednesday said it is gearing for a larger strike action in the near future should the Minister within the Department of Labour, Keith Scott not withdraw his appointment.

Last Tuesday, the Minister, who is still currently acting in the capacity of a conciliator, took it upon himself to introduce the Chairman for the arbitration panel to address the ongoing teachers’ salary impasse.

The person introduced at that meeting as the Chairman was a University Professor, Leyland Lucas.

The move was highly condemned by the Union as they did not get a chance to introduce their nominee for a Chairman to the panel.

The Union is now of the firm view that the Government has no intentions to resolve the issue and is now ready to call its teachers out to the streets again.

It is now close to one month since the GTU called off strike action.

Although however, the GTU is poised to resume industrial action, the Education Ministry has also threatened legal action as the two had entered an agreement where such actions were not provided for.

A number of other sister Unions have since noted their support for the GTU and have even called for Minister Scott to apologize for his unilateral appointment for a Chairman to the arbitration panel and for humiliating the Professor.


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