Teacher found hanging in apartment, boyfriend in custody

Bess was found hanging from the roof of an apartment by her relatives

A 27-year-old teacher attached to Goed Fortuin Secondary, Tishaun Bess, was found hanging in a house at La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara on Wednesday afternoon.

Based on information received, Bess was found hanging from the roof of a rented home by her relatives who had not heard from her since last week.

Police have confirmed that the body had been there for approximately 2 days and that they have a suspect, who is believed to be the woman’s boyfriend, in custody.
Inews was informed that the now dead woman resided with her boyfriend in La Parfaite Harmonie, but she recently moved out into a rented apartment in the same village.
It is alleged by family members of the dead teacher that she was involved in an abusive relationship, which precipitated her decision to leave.
Inews understands that Bess’ relatives have reported to police that the woman’s boyfriend had visited her over the weekend and she was not seen since.
Police however, are not ruling out the possibility of suicide.
Investigations are ongoing.


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