Teacher allegedly beaten by secondary school student

Injured teacher, Gangadin Sebarat-Isaacs

A school teacher had to seek medical attention on Saturday after she was attacked and beaten by a student of the Number 8 Secondary School on the West Coast of Berbice.
The injured woman, Gangadin Sebarat-Isaacs, acting Head Teacher of the Number Five Primary School, was reportedly heading home when the incident occurred.

Injured teacher, Gangadin Sebarat-Isaacs

She recalled that she — along with her three children, aged 11, five and 3 years old — had just left her mother’s home when the suspect, a 16-year-old, saw her walking in the company of her children and approached her. The teacher said she pulled her 3-year-old to the side as the two older ones stepped in front of her.

“He passed the two of them and he stop in front of me, so I ask him if he don’t see.” She related that the teenager walked into her son and then pushed her down to the ground. She noted that as she was on the ground, the fifth form student bend over her and kissed her on her lips.


“He go to do it again and I spit. I don’t know if the spit catch him, but with that he start cuffing me. He cuff me on my face… Right now my whole face hurting, my head hurting, my teeth hurting, my skin that he cuff and so hurting…,” the teacher explained.

<<Inews>> understands that this lad had previously been charged for his alleged implication in a series of offences that are being investigated.

It has also been reported that after the teenager was arrested, his parents contacted someone in authority and he was released.

Another fifth form student of the Number 8 Secondary School had, in September, also attacked a teacher. That teacher had allegedly been put in a vice and dragged around the school compound before two male teachers had come to her rescue.

That teacher was at the time attempting to protect a second form student from the physical advances of a male fifth form student.



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