Taxi driver robbed of car at Sophia


Corwin Griffith, 43, was on Monday robbed of a Silver Toyota new model Allion car with registration number PXX 4871, valued some $3.4M.

The incident occurred at around 22:00hrs at ‘D’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

Reports are that Griffith was working “private hire taxi” and he was in the vicinity of America Street, Georgetown when he was stopped by a couple [man and woman] who wanted to go to Sophia.

The couple placed two black garbage bags, suspected to have contained clothing, into the trunk and then boarded the car.

When they reached their destination, the driver exited the vehicle and went to assist the passengers in retrieving their bags.

However, the male passenger went into the driver’s seat and drove off with the female passenger in the car.

Investigations are ongoing.