Taxi driver robbed, carjacked by passengers at Garden of Eden

The vehicle that was stolen
WhatsApp Image 2018-08-13 at 9.19.38 PM
The vehicle that was stolen

Police are currently investigating an alleged robbery under arms committed on a 30-year-old taxi driver on Monday afternoon at Garden of Eden on the East Bank of Demerara reportedly by two men and a woman.

The victim has been identified Terry Persaud of Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

He was reportedly robbed of a white new model Premio motorcar bearing licence plate number HC8993- valued at $3.5M and property of a 38-year-old businessman-, one mobile phone valued at $4,000, one gold wedding ring valued at $56000 and $13000 cash.

Enquiries disclosed that at about 17:00h, the victim was plying his trade in the Diamond Scheme when he picked up two of the suspects -described as a slim male and a female- at the Diamond Tarmac.

The duo reportedly requested to be taken to Friendship, East Bank Demerara to pick up the other suspect (described as a chubby male).

At Friendship, the apparent couple sat in the back seat while their ‘chubby’ accomplice occupied the front passenger side seat.

Persaud told investigators that as he proceeded in a southern direction in the vicinity of Garden of Eden, the slim male placed a cold object behind his neck and demanded that he stop the car. He also threatened to shoot the taxi driver.

The man, fearing for his life, immediately complied, after which the ‘chubby’ male reportedly grabbed his hand and pulled off his wedding ring, before taking away Persaud’s phone and money.

The victim was then ordered to exit the car.

Upon doing so, he began running in a northern direction as the suspects fled the scene in the stolen motorcar in a southern direction.

A report of the robbery was made to the police.


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