Taxi driver in custody for execution of Lusignan Teen

Dead: Ashmini Harriram

By Leroy Smith

Dead: Ashmini Harryram
Dead: Ashmini Harryram

[] – Twenty – Five – year old Driver, Ryan Ross, attached to a taxi service in Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara was arrested on Tuesday [July 15] in connection with the shooting death of 19 – year – old Ashmini Harryram of Lusignan.

On Thursday, July 10, Harryram, who was a cosmetologist, was walking home with her cousin on the Lusignan Railway Embankment, just after disembarking a minibus, when a gunman approached, took away her cellphone and shot her in the head before escaping in a Burgundy car, which was parked waiting.

Eyewitnesses also told iNews that the license plate number of the car was blocked. T

Police sources close to the investigation told iNews that Ross who has been working a burgundy car, shelf the vehicle without any reason on the same day the shooting occurred.

According to information reaching iNews, persons who would usually use the service of the taxi observed that Ross was operating with a different car. When questions were raised about the other vehicle, he allegedly told them that it developed mechanical problems and was returned to the owner.

The owner of the vehicle reportedly told investigators Ross suddenly returned the car on the same day of the shooting, claiming that he was having issues with it. He never returned for the vehicle.

Reliable sources also told iNews that the police were able to receive added information on the suspect who is said to be no stranger to lawmen and who is well known and had been on the police radar a while now.




  1. The government of Guyana needs a functioning police force that will enforce whatever laws that are there if there is any. A person is innocent until proven guilty. Someone commented about Indians leaving Guyana. It’s not about Indians and about blacks. It the moral structure of the country.

  2. GUYANA PLEASE PLEASE bring back the death Penalty.Lets do Lethal injection or the chair , but we need it NOW.

  3. Granger isn’t the president of Guyana, blame the government for not fighting the crime that’s in guyana, I sick of the robberies and killing and domestic violence, i don’t ever want to return to Guyana to live.

  4. This animal must be dealt with like the animal he is. He snuffed out the life of a sweet girl at the prime of her life and left her family in tatters.
    We must bring up our children in the ways of the Lord.

  5. find out where he got the gun…… then go after the findings…granger said too many guns on the streets but what granger wont say is too many illegal guns are in the wrong hands..granger wont say how these guns in the wrong hands helping to drive indians out of guyana because of whose hands these illegal guns are in..then give he a fair trial..then break his god darn neck to send a clear message you cant murder innocent people and get a slap on the wrist.


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