Taxi driver found dead next to submerged car

Dead: Lynsey Grant
Dead: Lynsey Grant

The body of a Corentyne taxi driver was on Monday pulled out of the Lesbeholden Canal, Black Bush Polder, Berbice.

Lynsey Grant, 39, of Adventure Public Road, Corentyne, was found dead next to his submerged car.

The man had reportedly been missing since Sunday afternoon.

According to his wife, Natasha Rambarose, her husband was last seen at Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder about 18:00h on Sunday and was expected home less than an hour later, but did not show up.

“I became a little worried when 7 o’clock reach and I didn’t see him coming in. So, I went into Black Bush Polder Sunday night asking persons if they saw him and the persons told me that he turned back at Mibicuri,” she related.

On Monday, the woman returned to the area in search of the missing man during which she was told that her husband’s car was being pulled out of the Lesbeholden Canal.

Where the body was found

The discovery of the body was made by a farmer who raised an alarm and drivers operating the Black Bush Polder route were able to identify their colleague’s body and informed Rambarose.

It is not clear how the car ended up in the canal, which is adjacent to the main access road.

Grant had been operating his taxi along the Berbice-Georgetown route, but had given that up to go into the construction field and to operate in the Black Bush Polder as a taxi driver.

However, over the past two months, Grant, who also plants cash crops, at his Adventure home, was not getting construction work and returned to driving a taxi full-time.

He leaves to mourn his wife and a 12-year-old daughter.