Taxi driver ambushed, car stolen by passenger, others in Eccles


An Albouystown, Georgetown taxi driver was on Monday evening robbed of his silver/grey Toyota Allion motorcar, HC 2675, by bandits-one of whom was pretending to be a passenger.

The victim has been identified as Muhammad Edun, 27.

According to information received, the incident occurred at about 21:55hrs.

Edun told police that he was sitting at the taxi’s base, when one of the suspects entered his car and requested to be taken to Industrial Site, Eccles, in the vicinity of the dump site.

While on their journey, the suspect who was sitting in the back passenger seat, reportedly pulled out a weapon and placed it to the right side of the victim’s face and instructed him not to make a move or he will die.

Shortly after, a silver/gray Raum motorcar drove up alongside the taxi and another male exited and ordered Edun out of the driver seat and into the back seat of his car.

This perpetrator also had a weapon in his hand.

After driving for a while, one of the bandits reportedly ordered Edun to get out of the vehicle.

When he complied, the men reportedly drove away from the scene with his vehicle.

Police are currently investigating the matter.


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